Upcoming Debate: Darfur, 10 Years After the Genocide

We should never forget the atrocities that were committed in Darfur, killing over 300,000 people. To reflect on the events that occurred in Darufr and the international community’s failure to address them, I am organizing a public event at the Balie in Amsterdam, together with the NIOD Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

Date: 5 June 2013.


The crisis in Darfur started in 2003 when rebels from non-Arab groups picked up arms against the government of Sudan. They accused the government of oppressing non-Arabs and neglecting the region’s development needs.

The Sudanese government responded to the rebellion with an extremely violent counter-insurgency which included the formation of the infamous Janjaweed militia. In the years that followed, the militia attacked villages, during which inhabitants were killed, mutilated and raped. The estimated number of deaths resulting from the Darfur conflict is as high as 300.000 and millions of people fled their homes.

Although attention for Darfur has largely subsided, the situation in the Sudanese region is still worrying today. Large numbers of refugees and internally displaced continue to live in camps, where they have to deal with violence, hunger and disease on a day to day basis. Meanwhile, despite peace processes that took place in 2006 and 2011 and the deployment of UN Peacekeepers, fighting in Darfur continues.

NIOD Now will reflect on the past 10 years with four experts. What has happened in Darfur during the past ten years? What is the current state of affairs? What has been the impact of the ICC arrest warrant against President Omar al-Bashir? How has the situation changed after the independence of South Sudan in 2011? And what possible solutions may help bring an end to the crisis?

Discussion Chair
– Jan Pronk: former UN Special Representative for Sudan

Lectures and discussion by:
– Leon Willems: director of Free Press Unlimited, founder of Radio Darfur.
– Frans Bieckman: Expert on Sudan, Director of The Broker and author of Soedan. Het sinistere spel om macht, rijkdom en olie.
– Saskia Baas: Expert on Sudan, researcher and lecturer at the University of Amsterdam / Amsterdam University College.

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