Book Launch: “From Civilians to Soldiers”

My book “From Civilians to Soldiers” was published by the Amsterdam University Press.

What motivates young people to join armed movements and participate in civil war violence?

To answer this question, I spent a year in South Sudan to interview members of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM). During in-depth interviews, they spoke about their lives before the war, their political orientation, and their eventual decision to join the SPLM and become a fighter.

Drawing on this rich interview material my analysis offers insight into the micro-level drivers of civil war violence. Grounded in the experiences of the fighters, I reflects on the complex process of post-conflict demilitarization.


“This case study about Sudan is a critical contribution to conflict theory and a valuable tool for post-conflict reconstruction.
– Jan Pronk, former Dutch Minister for Development Cooperation
“A significant contribution to understanding DDR in Sudan.”
– David Keen, Professor of Conflict Studies, London School of Economics
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